Ford Joins List of Companies Marketing Vehicles by Driving Them Through Rivers

The featured image is a screengrab from the latest Ford Bronco Ad.

When will 4×4 companies realize that driving vehicles through shallow rivers and creeks is detrimental? This week in their latest commercial for the new Bronco, Ford showed a clip of the SUV sending spray into the air while driving upstream in a river, which if you couldn’t guess, is horrendous for every kind of life calling that stream home. The practice landed Jeep in hot water a few years ago when they showed the same thing with a handful of their ads. Kirk Deeter, from Trout Unlimited and Angling Trade, just penned a fantastic Op-Ed on the topic, and he explains the issue far better than we can, and it’s well worth a read.

You can read that article here on!

When Jeep’s ads ran, TU adamantly reached out to the brand about their problematic ads, but the 4×4 brand refused to comment.



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