Fly Angler Lands Potential World-Record Blue Catfish

Photo from Ben Christensen (@pearlsnapflyfishing)

Ben Christensen was taking his new Flycraft out in the rivers of the Texas Hill Country when he spotted a huge Blue Catfish feeding in the margins of the river. Armed with a 4 weight and 12 lb tippet, Ben did what any good fly angler would do, and cast an olive damselfly nymph in front of the feeding fish. When his line came tight, the fight was on with the 31.55 lb fish. According to Christensen, the ensuing fight lasted 40 minutes as he fought to protect the light tippet the fish was struggling against.

After landing the fish, Ben took it to Texas Parks and Wildlife to have it weighed and measured to confirm what he thought, that the fish was a new record for the Pedernales River. What Christensen may have not known, was that the fish may surpass the current Blue Catfish 12-pound tippet record that previously stood at 26.25 lbs.

To learn more about the catch, check out this article from USA Today!

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