Fly Angler Gets Up Close and Personal With Bugling Elk

What would you do if you got caught in this situation? A massive bull elk with cows in tow wading in the stream just below you. Somehow the angler in the video (below) managed to keep his cool and keep fishing while the elk did their thing downstream, even getting to witness the bull let out a full bugle.

As most anglers in the West know, its the time of year when Elk are on the move during their breeding season. During this time, Elk are a little less wary of people as the bulls gather their herds of cows, bugle, and fight. An elk bugle is capable of being heard miles away and it’s the main way bull elk let their rivals know to stay away and to call in as many cow elk into their herd.

We’re not entirely sure how this dude managed to keep his cool while fishing next to such majestic and powerful animals, but we tip our caps to him!

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