F3T 2018: Behind The Artwork

We are obsessed with this years Fly Fishing Film Tour poster! We liked it so much that we had to find out more about how this thing was made. So we contacted Tyler Hackett, the artist behind the poster, to hear more about it.

first finished poster

Flylords: What inspired you to make this F3T design?
Tyler: “When the guys at F3T and I began discussing ideas, one main theme we talked about for the project was referencing “movies” in some way, and wanted to make a poster that had the look of a classic movie poster. Movie posters (especially movies involving fish) don’t get much more classic than Jaws, and once I drew the oversized, aggressive Trout head, a lot of the other details just kind of fell into place. In producing the finished poster I was also inspired by my process I go through in hand making posters and prints. One of my favorite parts of making these prints is the unique look of the hand-carved textures and how layers of ink look and interact when printed over one another.”

final poster and last plate

Flylords: How long did it take to make?
 “For a multi-color, hand-printed poster this project actually went pretty quick. It took about 2 weeks of sketching and revisions to get to a finished drawing I could carve printing plates from. There were four main plates and carving them only took a few days to be ready to print. Mixing ink and getting colors dialed in took a day or so. At that point, the printing itself was pretty easy and was just a matter of printing all the layers together. So between 3-4 weeks from planning to finished print.”
trout head and plate detail
Flylords: What film are you most excited to see?
It’s tough to pick favorites when they all look so good, I am excited to see them all, but might be most excited about Beyond The Horizon.
Check out more of Tylers work on Instagram @wanderingbluelines
And head over to flyfilmtour.com to buy your ticket for this year’s show!

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