What It Takes to Discover the Next Great Fly Fishing Destination

Everything Has Been Explored…
Or has it?

The fact is, there remain untouched fisheries that will blow one’s mind in faraway, distant corners of the globe. It goes without saying, not everybody is into that thing (and that is perfectly fine) but for those adventurous hearts, you can push the envelope and experience virgin territory for trophy fish. Personally, I am not content without a challenge…I want the kind of place that will have you scribbling incessant notes on nautical charts and draining your phone battery on Google Earth. There’s just something addictive about looking for flats on satellite imagery, right?

Moving on, some destinations, amongst others have provided us with some amazing stories and experiences over the last decade. Here are a couple of my favorite memories that are burnt into my brain, from what I hope will become the next world-class, trophy fishing destination!

A quick pic after I left clients doubling up on Bonefish and Triggers. The Canon 5D Mk. III was stacked up on some precariously placed stones and rubble and my heart would sink with the subtle “clink” of a stone sliding. The fish were hungry and pushing far up to the shore all afternoon. We don’t go to Kanton for Bones but they sure remind us of their presence.

Cheesin’! A smile is one of the most universally recognized languages, which came in handy considering that Richard is deaf. It was fun waving my 12 weight at Richard, usually without success! No matter what, Richard didn’t let his lack of hearing stop his fishing campaign on Kanton.

The Goldens were considerably more challenging and fleeting than their ghostly cousins. Large in size and gone after the first mud, I’m sure to come up with a good strategy for targeting these fish with more consistency during the private flight to Kanton, and over a few whiskeys!

How big y’all think that GT is? Remove that glare and there’s another half dozen of his mates in there somewhere…

Andrew sits down with his trophy whilst Taula hangs casually in the background. Two grown men running like crazed lunatics after a school of GT mere feet from the waters’ edge, huge Samoan huffing and puffing in pursuit. Fired the only rod I had rigged, Gar pattern on #8 did not end well but “almost” made one hell of a story…

GT from the “nerve center”, Spam Island. The GTs use this island to pick off baitfish, with a leeward coral flat, several points and rocks to sit behind as the tide raced through the passage.  At the island, you can be guaranteed at least one shot at a big fish, but then its time to move on hitting the rest of the points on the island as the GT’s do their daily patrols.

Capt. Luke Wrysta is an exploratory fishing guide based out of Sydney, Australia. Check him out on Instagram @gtrock or check out his website here for information on his upcoming expeditions!

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