There are no salmon in the Everglades, nor tarpon in Bristol Bay. But, these two watersheds represent some of the greatest fisheries in the world and share this common reality: the high chance of losing them. Neither of these threatened fisheries are new to you. The Everglades is dying due to decades of water mismanagement, a completely avoidable fate. In Alaska, Bristol Bay stands to lose everything to a foreign-owned gold and copper mine that would inevitably expand. Already, we have lost too many wild places to allow these world-class fisheries and incredibly productive ecosystems to go down that path. Everyone in Between, explores that nexus and highlights the necessity of protecting both Bristol Bay, the Everglades, and all wild places.

So, Captains for Clean Water and Trout Unlimited partnered up to highlight the connection between Bristol Bay and South Florida through the eyes of Captain John Landry. Defending these places is at the core of all of us; we are losing too many of them and running out of time to protect the remaining few.

Bristol Bay’s salmon or trout are as much of a ‘bucket list fish’ as South Florida’s tarpon. Both face serious and mounting threats. If we fail to defend and come together for these places, we will lose them for future generations. Entire river systems in Bristol Bay could be forever altered due to a tailings dam failure or barriers to migrating salmonids. Likewise, South Florida’s famous fisheries and biodiversity could be lost unless we start managing the water responsibly.

In addition to the potential of losing these places, both camps are at odds with the US Army Corps of Engineers. The Corps controls Lake Okeechobee’s harmful discharges and exercises authority over the weakened but not dead Pebble project. Both of these fights could be put to bed with a strong and coordinated partnership between sportsmen, Congress, and the current and future administrations.

“History has shown that nobody has the ability to move the needle on the conservation issues facing our public lands and waters like that of the outdoor community. This film is a collaboration by the leaders in the outdoor industry, competitors in the outdoor space standing together as allies, setting an example for the outdoor community and sending a powerful message: The future of wild places like Alaska’s Bristol Bay and Florida‘s Everglades rely on everyone in between getting involved to save them,” said Captains For Clean Water’s Capt. Chris Wittman.

For more on Everyone in Between and the pressing issues facing South Florida and Bristol Bay click HERE! But first, give the film a watch, share with friends, and protect wild places!

Cover picture courtesy of Capt. John Landry and Nick Shirghio

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