Introducing: Dating on the Fly

A New Dating App Brought to You by Flylords

After over a year of development and beta testing, we are excited to introduce you to  “Dating on the Fly”, a new dating app specifically for the fly community. 

After years of wondering where we’d find our next romantic fishing partner, we decided to bring the community of fly fishing singles together in a new app. Finding a significant other who shares the same values as you is hard enough, let alone finding someone who understands the difference between Parachute Adams and a Salmon Fly.

Although our sport usually practices catch-and-release, we’re here to help you find your keeper who shares your passion for the fly rod and the outdoors.

Setting Up Your Profile:

The first step is to upload your profile picture. For best results, we recommend using your best grip-and-grin.

Next, you need to fill in your profile, we’ve added a few sections to ensure that your future SO fits with your fishing style.

Favorite Target Species:
Favorite Fly Pattern: 

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Get to Casting!

Our platform works similar to other mobile dating apps, swipe left to release, and swipe right to keep. If you’re a match, a conversation will kick-off. That way you can get to bragging about how you have the tightest loops out there and all the best secret fishing spots.

After that, it’s up to you to set up a date, but we recommend hitting a fly shop, brewery or public boat ramp to really see if your new keeper matches up with your fishing style!

After months of beta testing, we can happily say that 69% of our testers who met via Dating on the Fly are still together, and passing their time in quarantine as a couple!

Big shoutout to our design team from Confluence Collective! Make sure to check them out.

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  1. Is this dating app real or just a gag? cause I can’t find it….it would be awesome to find someone who fly fishes.

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