Meet Camille Egdorf McCormick, a fly fishing guide based currently in the Bozeman, Montana.  Camille has mostly guided in Alaska, but has hosted trips all over the world. The Flylords team was lucky enough to spend an evening on the water with Camille and her son Deke. It was amazing to watch her balance being an angler and a mother and hear about her fishing career. We are excited to add Camille to our ongoing blog series “Behind the Guides” presented by Costa Sunglasses.

Photo: Matt McCormick

Flylords: Tell me about your guiding history? What has been the most rewarding part?

Camille: Most of my guiding history takes place in Alaska where I guided at my parent’s lodge on the upper Nushagak. I started walk/wade guiding when I was 16 then when I turned 18 got my official guide license and started taking folks out in a jet boat. I guided up there for 7 years then started hosting some international trips when I was 23. There are many aspects that are very rewarding so it’s difficult to pick just one thing. The personal development in addition to sharing a fishery and watching others enjoy fly fishing is incredible.

Flylords: I recently watched your Yeti video, “Odd man out!” You talked about this in the video, but how has being a woman impacted your guiding career? Would you be willing to explain a bit about this?

Camille: When I started guiding, there were not many other women in the field so if anything, being a woman drew a lot of attention. Both good and bad. I didn’t experience much discrimination but what I did experience was the need to prove to myself and others I was just as capable as any guy. Through hard work, I did that and that’s something I’m very proud of.

Photo: Camille Egdorf

Flylords: What advice would you give to a woman hoping to get into fly fishing or guiding?

Camille: Just go for it! It’s no longer just a “guy” sport or career so don’t let that intimidate you. You’ll have to work hard but if you want it, can and will make it happen.

Flylords: You have fished across the globe! Tell us about one of your favorite fly fishing trips?

Camille: I think one of the most unique and adventurous trips I’ve done was when I went to Guyana to target Arapaima. I’ve never felt more immersed in a jungle and at the mercy of whatever creeps, swims, crawls and flys around than when I was there. The jungle is like being on another planet and it was awesome. The arapaima fishing was some of the most technical I’ve ever done. We were using 12wts with heavy-duty line and large wet flies that required a lot of effort to cast. An average cast was at least 60 feet since getting close to these fish was very difficult and the only time you really saw them was when they surfaced to breathe. The water was chocolate brown so sight fishing wasn’t an option. By far the most challenging fishing I have ever done but I’d absolutely do it again.

Not an Arapaima; but another fun trip in search of milkfish! Photo: Camille Egdorf

Flylords: You are a mother! What is it like being a mother?

Camille: Being a mom is incredible. So many emotions I never experienced before are now a daily occurrence. A combination of intense love, excitement, and worry all the time. I see the world through a much different lens now.

“Baby up in this B!#ch”

Flylords: What do you look forward to the most about motherhood? What is one life lesson you look forward to teaching Deke?

Camille: There are many life lessons I wish to teach Deke. However, I’m so excited to introduce him to the outdoors. I mentioned that “worry” is something I experience more now that I’m a mom so I find myself in this weird place of wanting him to get outside, skin up to his knees, get dirty and explore but also wanting to shelter him from it. It’s an odd place to be but I hope I can show him the world without sheltering him from it.

“I’m one fly baby”

Flylords: Changing gears, a bit, what sunglasses are you wearing today and why do you like them?

Costa’s Anaa frames with the Copper Lens

Camille: I was wearing the Anaa frames with the Copper Lens. They have great coverage on my face and fit well. Always been a fan of these frames!

Photo: Camille Egdorf

Flylords: What is next for you, Matt, and Deke?

Camille: Deke is only 5.5 months so for right now, focusing on him and family time at home. We plan to take him to Alaska next summer to visit the family lodge and river which I can’t wait for. We’re still figuring a lot out when it comes to being mobile with the little man but we’re slowly finding our new stride. It has been an amazing experience so far!

Thank you Camille for the time, be sure to check her out on Instagram at @camillegdorf. Also, thanks to Costa for supporting our guides, and making this series possible. Stay tuned for more “Behind the Guides” features.

Photos and interview from Gloria Goñi, @lapescadora.

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With a Bachelor of Science in biology-mathematics and professional experience in photojournalism, Gloria works as a guide, writer, and photographer. Gloria followed her curiosities around the globe to Chile to study salmon farming, to New Zealand to study the introduction of trout, and most recently to Montana to study cowboys and cutthroats. Gloria is fueled by her passion for environmental and social justice; she incorporates these topics into her pursuit of fish. Despite her Spanish roots and insatiable travelbug, Gloria finally settled in Montana with her trusty Aussiedoodle, Berto. Together they fish and photograph their adventures one river at a time.

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