Confused Anglers React to Snow in Charleston

The coastal region of South Carolina was covered in a historic blanket of snow on Wednesday this week. We reached out to some of our favorite Charleston creators to see how the anglers are coping with the snow.

First things first. Snow day means Bud Lights…


With Bud Light you need… Fried Chicken of courseIMG_1080.jpegHow will the Flood Tide Co Crew be able to catch fish with icicles hanging from their skiff?


Snow days aren’t just for humans… These dogs rejoice in snowflake heaven.


Flats angler/photographer Jeremy Clark looks at his skiff in disbelief…


How will we ever dig our flats skiffs out of this mess?


Jerms son Zealand takes his first steps in Snow… A historic day in Charleston.


Charleston-based photographer and guide, Peter LJ, exclaims “there are sNOw days off!” Time to find some snow buried redfish on James Island.


Ryan Rodgers documents this historic day with this Instagram post: “Today it snowed… I don’t live where it snows”.


Photos contributed by:

Lawson Builder of Flood Tide: @Captlawson

Jeremy Clark: @Jerms1977

Capt. Peter Lawson-Johnston: @lowcountry_vibez

Ryan Rodgers: @ghostwatersc


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