Colorado Wildfire Killed 80% of Resident Fish

In 2018 a wildfire ravaged the Animas River area of Colorado, and the river is still hurting. After completing a complete survey of the river, biologists estimate that over 80% of the fish in the river system have been lost since the fire. But all is not lost, due to the incredible snowfall this last winter, the river has been flowing cold and fast since the fires, prompting some fish to return.

Once regarded as one of the better trout fisheries in the state, sections of the Animas have been designated “Gold Medal” sections, prized for their fish count and overall health. Due to the concentration of mines along the stream, the Animas does not support much wild fish reproduction, so the state will be stocking 5,000 to 10,000 fish each year.

But thankfully, all signs point to a recovery for the Animas. However, it will be years before the stream is once again full of the fish anglers loved it for.

To read more about the situation, check out this article from CNN.

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