MeatEater Launches “Bent” Fishing Podcast

"Fishing can be slow. Podcasts about fishing shouldn’t be."

Bent MeatEater Podcast

We’ve been big fans of just about everything the MeatEater crew puts together, especially their podcasts. The latest of which is “Bent”, featuring Joe Cermele and Miles Nolte, together they bring a hilarious hour of fishy content perfectly suited for long drives to and from fishing spots. Both hosts share the fishing stories that usually only come out after a few adult beverages, and hilarity ensues. If you are a fan of Joe’s tenure on Field & Streams “Hook Shots” you’re going to absolutely dig his latest project, Bent. So far there are only 2 episodes, so it won’t take long to get caught up!


“Fishing can be slow. Podcasts about fishing shouldn’t be. That’s why we created Bent, the unapologetic fishing podcast that moves faster than a tournament bass boat, but doesn’t take itself near as seriously. Hosts Joe Cermele and Miles Nolte welcome anglers of all backgrounds and interests, from hardcore crappie jiggers to dry-fly purists to offshore tuna addicts. Even if you’re just mildly fish curious, this podcast has something for you: regional fishing reports, tackle tips, trash talk, etymology, weekly news, trivia, even suggestions on how to piss off your fishing guide. Come for the soggy cooler sandwiches; stay for the raccoon-eyes tan lines. Part of The MeatEater Podcast Network.”

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