Flylords caught up with Kim Bryant the roaster of Early Riser Coffee. Kim is a lifelong fishing guide, that has led groups of anglers to fishy locales around the globe, puncturing fresh and saltwater mandibles on the ol’ hook and feather. When she isn’t filling fish faces with surprise, she is filling yours with ethically sourced, hand-roasted, small-batch caffeinated mastery. We were able to catch up with Kim and discuss what exactly Early Riser Coffee Roasters is all about and what goes into making this brand so unique. 
Flylords: What is Early Riser Coffee?
Kim: A small micro-batch roastery that aims to caffeinate the fly fishing industry and give a little something back in the process.
Flylords: We love the name Early Riser, how did you come up with this name?
Kim: Early Riser is coffee that speaks the same language we do. We are people whose passions get us out of bed early, often very very early.  Coffee is a given. As a lifelong angler and former guide, the name is a tribute to both the fish we go after and the hardy folks that don’t sleep in.
Flylords: Where is the coffee made?
Kim: Dorset, VT. The beans come from all over the world and I take extra care to work with farmers that are committed to organic practices and fair trade.
Flylords:  Is this the first Coffee brand specifically made for Anglers?
Kim: I like to think so, but admittedly our competitive analysis wasn’t particularly strong. In our opinion, there is always room for the best, and we hold our product up against anybody’s, in the fishing industry or elsewhere. Also, with a conservation promise, our product is for the fish as well as the anglers.

Flylords:  How can people try a cup of Early Riser? Give us a reason why someone should give this Coffee a try.

Kim: To try the coffee go to  The reality is you probably already had at least one cup of coffee today. Plus, we assume you have some skin in the conservation game if you are an angler or outdoors person. As we mentioned before, for every bag purchased, we donate $1 to Trout Unlimited and Bonefish trust. This is a simple way to support the waters you love by drinking coffee you love. Super simple. Plus, the coffee is damn good. Made by hand by a woman that cares about her craft and the fishery.
Flylords: What makes Early riser different than buying a cup of Joe at Starbucks?
Kim: Ahh, the S word. It’s up to you, but would you rather fish with a generic Adams tied in a dark factory, or something tied at the bench of a 4th generation Montana guide that has studied the subtleties of color, pattern, and tail length. They both might work, but one probably has a little more soul and supports the people and conservation initiatives you care about.
Flylords: Tell us about where all this epic content comes from?
Kim: Early Riser is partnered with Rockhouse Motion and we are committed to delivering best-in-class fish porn to energize and inspire you in ways that even caffeine can’t.
Whether it is through something Rockhouse does, one of our partners/ambassadors, or our #risefortheprize social movement (will trade eat footage for coffee), we’ll aim to uphold the highest standard for fishing imagery. The more coffee we sell, the better films you’ll be able to enjoy.
Flylords:  Tell us about the nonprofits Early Riser gives back to?
Kim: We are looking to make a buck-a-bag commitment to conservation, and that will start with Trout Unlimited’s 5 Rivers College Outreach program that “program organizes campus clubs that teach students fly casting and fly tying and also provide volunteer stream conservation activities on the members’ home waters”.
Our goal is to move to specific species/region/initiative specific roasts, which will allow our customers to be more specific about the cause and resource they support.
Flylords: As a newly launched company, what are some of your goals for this year?
Kim: We’d like to raise peoples expectations of what a good cup of coffee is, first and foremost. Beyond that, we want to provide anglers with a vehicle to support the fish and experiences they feel most passionate about, and keep them entertained and inspired along the way.
Flylords:  Do you think Anglers will catch more fish after drinking Early Riser?
Kim: Duh.
Check out Early Risers newest addition to their coffee line, Strip Set Cold Brew, a killer new coffee specifically roasted to be brewed and consumed while cold. Not only does it satisfy the need for caffeine and refreshment in warmer summer months, every bag sold delivers on the company’s ongoing commitment to donate $1 to fishing-related conservation.
Strip Set Cold Brew is coffee best enjoyed colder than the ice in your veins as you watch your fly disappear into the oversized jaws of an underwater predator before offering a braided core uppercut to the mandible. It’s also delicious when served at 33 degrees Fahrenheit. This coffee is smooth and rich, with an extra helping of caffeine to keep you focused during the long hot daylight hours that mark the best part of the fishing season.
strip set cold brew

Thanks, Kim for giving us the lowdown on Early Risers. Be sure to check out Early Riser Coffee Roasters at
Check out the recent film that Rockhouse Motions out in the 2019 Fly Fishing Film Tour Bounce.


  1. Great site and pics. My dream is to open a coffee shop in my old stomping grounds along the Kenai River. Great inspiration.

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