Beautiful Short Film: Fly Fishing Bavaria

October 5, 2017 | Marc Koenen

About the video:

When we plan and finally execute a fishing trip, we enter that mindset you entered as a child, while waiting for Christmas morning to come. Unfortunately, we don’t live anywhere close to the beautiful waters you see on all those amazing fishing videos. Therefore, it’s even better to have the opportunity to travel and live the fly fishing lifestyle for these short periods when we are on the move. It somehow makes the experience strikes deeper.

Most times we travel with a camper. When we aren’t fishing we are all jammed together in this small room.  In these times you really get to know your friends and, if you can still be friends after being jammed together for a couple of weeks. If you all survive, you have friends for life.

When I haven’t wet a line recently and get that text message from a friend saying he “misses being in the camper and putting on leaky waders to fish all night,” you know it’s time to gather as much money as you can and start planning the next trip. That’s how this trip came about, sadly we only had the time and money for a weekend trip.

This trip was going to be intense, fishing from 6 am – 11 pm with a permanent smile on your face.

Filming :

While we were on the water, filming was secondary as always. I am not the kind of filmmaker who is traveling for good footage.
First, I enjoy.. and if I have the time to put everything in the right perspective, it’s time to pull out my Panasonic GH4.Usually, I film without any stabilization. My Panasonic 14mm-140mm lens does a pretty good job keeping the picture stable. And then I let Premiere Pro do the rest. For the beautiful slow-motion shots, my lens of choice is my 1.8mm Mzuiko.

The funny part about our filming is that I am the one who catches all the fish. This means that in 90% of the scenes, I have to hand my rod over to my friend, grab the camera and do everything. But my friends are getting the hang of filming more and more, and will soon be leaving their padawan status.

Location and Targets:

Bavaria is beautiful and probably the best region of Germany. Especially for those who travel and want to see crazy Germans in beautiful dresses and lederhosen.  The Mountain lifestyle is deeply anchored in the heart of the people. They treat the environment the way it should be treated and due to this, you’ll find thousands of crystal clear lakes and rivers across the state.

Our target species for this trip was to catch a beautiful Brookie on a dry fly and of course to live the camper-and-leaky-wader lifestyle. At 3:30 into the video, you can see that dream come true. And what you can’t see in the video is that everything around was just as it should be.

All I can say is: Gather your money, get your gang and get out there.

Marc Koenen is a fly fishing film maker with Trout in Trouble. Check out his Vimeo channel here and on Instagram @marc.koenen

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