In this artist spotlight, Flylords had the chance to sit down with Piper Nunn, a talented artist and fly fisherwoman based out of Fort Collins, CO.

A Fly Fisherwoman on hte banks of the Colorado River

Flylords: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Piper: I was born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado, and grew up in the mountains.  As I got older, fly fishing came into my life and gave me a new way to connect myself to the environment.  It quickly became one of the most important parts of my life.  I became so passionate about fishing and aquatic ecosystems that I began to pursue a degree in Fisheries Biology, and plan to graduate next spring.

An acrylic painting of a Cutthroat Trout

Flylords: You’re an artist, can you tell us a little more?

Piper: I’ve always been into art, and have been painting since I was little.  My art always seemed to revolve around nature, and when I got into fly fishing my art naturally became inspired by it as well.  The majority of my paintings are done with acrylic paint or gouache, and recently I have been focusing on painting fish,  mostly because I think their beauty should live outside of the water.

An artist holds her painting of St. Mary Lake in Glacier National Park, MT

Flylords: Do you have any recent work you would like to share with us?

Piper: Yes, I do! Recently I worked with Yakoda Supply to design a sticker for their project supporting those whose workload and work-life have been effected by COVID-19.  The sticker I created is a Salmon and is inspired by my passion for salmon and the way they are fundamentally connected to the ecosystems they live in.

A sockeye salmon sticker

Flylords: If you had to choose three flies to fish for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Piper: An extended body Parachute Adams, because its perfect for pretty much any mayfly hatch. A Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear since its super versatile, and the classic RS2.

An angler casts a line on the banks of the Blue River, in Colorado

Flylords: Do you have a favorite piece of artwork?

Piper: One of the pieces I’m most proud of is the Redfish I recently painted on a 3 foot piece of reclaimed pine beetle kill wood.  It took me about 30 hours to completely finish and I’m really proud of it!

A n acrylic painting of a Redfish painted on recycled pine beetle kill wood

Flylords:  Where are you going fishing the next chance you get?

Piper:  I currently have a Redfish trip to Louisiana planned for the end of Fall, given everything works out with the Coronavirus.  Redfish will be a new species for me, and I’m excited to experience the Salt!

An anglers holds a beautiful Rainbow Trout caught on the South Platte River in Colorado

Flylords: Is there a way people can support or purchase your artwork?

Piper: I sell originals, prints, and commission pieces on my website: or people can check me out on Instagram @piper_nunn

Article and photos from Ameen Hosain; content creator and fly fishing guide based out of Boulder, CO. Follow him on Instagram @thefishboulder.

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