Flylords: Who is Anthony Annable?

Anthony: I’m a fish artist based in the UK behind @antartoutdoors. The majority of my art consists of freshwater gamefish with also a few saltwater species.

Flylords: What came first the fish or the art?

Anthony: From an early age, fishing was always a big part of my life. It was only until I discovered flyfishing at the age of six I was completely hooked. I started drawing small sketches of trout in my spare time or at school, mainly in the back of my maths books haha.

Flylords: What is your Go-To medium? When did you start working in it?

Anthony: I painted and drew with colored pencils for many years until I transferred over to digital art.

Flylords: Do you have a favorite piece of artwork?

Anthony: Currently, my favorite piece of artwork would be the ”12 Trout Species” or my ”Brown Trout Growth Chart”

Flylords: Favorite catch on a fly rod?

Anthony: My most memorable catch on a fly rod was landing my first Atlantic salmon.

Flylords: Biggest accomplishment as an artist?

Anthony: To date, my biggest achievement as an artist was reaching 10k followers on Instagram as this was a big milestone for me.

Flylords: Any advice for other artists in the fishing space?

Anthony: Some good advice is to always be persistent with your work. Create art which you find motivating, you will go further as an artist making things you enjoy.

Flylords: What’s next?

Anthony: I am very devoted to my work and wish to continue creating more new artwork for my audience and social media. My future goal is to cover a more different verity of fish, freshwater & saltwater.

You can follow along with Anthony on Instagram @antartoutdoors or at

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