Are Electric Boats the Future? GM Backs Electric Boat Start-Up in $150 Million Deal

According to CNBC, GM has acquired a 25% share of Pure Watercraft, a start-up focusing on developing and manufacturing all-electric boat motors. As we watch more automakers in the US develop and commit to EVs, it’s equally exciting to see the boating industry get behind the technology. We’re especially interested to see if guides and boat-owners adopt the technology as carbon-neutrality continues to be a focal point in the fly fishing and outdoor recreation industries.


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From Pure Watercraft:

“Today, GM and Pure Watercraft announced an investment and long-term exclusive strategic pact to bring boating into the EV age. With Pure Watercraft’s industry-leading efficient powertrain and direct-to-consumer sales channel, and GM’s world-class manufacturing and supply chain expertise, its $35B in EV powertrain investment, and the power of both brands, we have a quiver full of arrows and we’re ready to go. Look for future products that make you love boating more than ever before.”

You can learn more about the acquisition and Pure Watercraft, here!

Would you run an all-electric outboard for your boat or skiff? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Already do! Got the ePropulsion 3hp for my Smithfly and am really happy with it. With that combo I can fish rivers, lakes, swamps and marsh. Being able to motor through the marginal water makes a big difference on the shoulders over an entire season.

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