Arctic Chrome in a Mystical Lake

Most know Iceland as a country of “ice and fire”, but not many people know Iceland as a country of trophy brown trout, which I like to call “Arctic Chrome “.

In the past, I did not have much interested in fly fishing arctic areas. Let’s be honest I’m a woman who enjoys warm weather, sun, crystal clear water, hot sand, bikinis and a cold beer. That being said, this spring I had the opportunity to travel to Iceland with the @arcticsilver team and a chance to fish the mystical lake Thingvellir! This experience changed my opinion, to say the least.

I have to say, the weather was pretty cold during our trip. Our clothes were dusted with snowflakes, faces weather-beaten by a strong wind, and fingers were frozen.

The last day was perfectly calm, the lake surface becomes like a glass mirror, reflecting the world around us. The sun was shining and rays of the sun warmed the water. The temperature changed the activity of fish instantly. It was a pure magic moment when big browns began rising for small dry flies during the sunset. “At this time it didn’t matter which flies we were throwing. You just had to cast somewhere, make a few strips, strike and then enjoy the crazy jumps and run of these good fighters!

We caught some big browns on the 7wt Arctic Silver rods this evening and definitely lost a few also…

I also happened to lose the biggest trout of my life! Just after taking my white streamer he shot off so quickly, darting up along the beach. I tried to chase him, running along the beach, but after a few minutes, he took an abrupt turn into the lake. In the deep water, I had no chance of stopping him, I just watched my backing disappears deep into the distance until the last few wraps of my backing tangled and broke my drag system. I hopelessness held the reel for a few more seconds and then “BAM” he was gone forever into the depth of Thingvellir. Hands shaking, heart still beating like wildfire and the look of excitement still glaring in my eyes. I wasn’t disappointed, mainly because I was known we will meet again next spring. I have some unfinished business to take care of!

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