If you have ever been fishing in Walden, Colorado you have probably stopped by North Park Anglers. When walking into the shop or meeting your guide for the day, you have probably noticed guide Rob Stout with 600 tungsten flies on the top of his hat… Whether they’re articulated thin mints, chironomids, or homemade fresh-of-the-vice @thefishingdj flies, it’s very hard to notice what kind of hat Rob is wearing, and how many flies he really has on it.

Photo from @thefishingdj

 A note from Rob Stout:

“I got onto the water at about 7:30 in the morning, and fished all day with only a few fish to the net. Around 7:30 that night, my buddy came out and talked me into staying out a couple more hours. He stuck a good brown in his first few casts, and I got a good cutbow about an hour later. We were getting consistent enough action that we stuck it out into the dark, and at about 10:30pm it finally payed off with a big fat colored up brown! Definitely was well worth being exhausted at work the next day!”

@thefishingdj with a mean late-night brown.

You can find @thefishingdj in Walden, Colorado either working at North Park Anglers, or on a drift boat deep at night trying to catch trophy sized trout on the fly. 

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