A note from Jorge Martinez (@jmartinez_art)

“Well, last week on Wednesday, May 18th was a bit of a pop-up–my best bud Captain Bobby Gibson (@elbowgreasefly) got canceled for his charter. He sent me the bat signal and I came charging in the worst rush hour traffic. The day was beautiful with minimal cloud cover and a nice 5-10mph breeze. We struggled on the incoming tide and rode it out until it switched. Bobby said, “C’mon brother we just have to catch one.”

“On the very first shot, I fired one in and came tight on the third strip. It’s now almost 4 pm and I had to jump back into Dad mode and charge across town for baseball practice and doubleheader flag football.”

Martinez later mentions “I have caught a total of 44 permit on the fly with Captain Bobby Gibson, and had a monster season last year landing seventeen out of twenty permit out of eleven straight trips with Captain Bobby.”

Besides being a very successful permit fisherman, Martinez is also passionate for his artwork. Jorge specializes in oil and acrylic paintings, where he also sells prints, custom fly boxes, stickers, and various sun-masks and tech shirts. Click here to visit Jorge Martinez’s Art page.

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