A note from Noah Studdard:

“My best friend Brady Poole, with his first permit. On a fly that I tied myself! 

I couldn’t have drawn it up any better. The show this fish put on for us as he sucked down my fly and Brady’s line came tight, is a memory that will be etched into my brain for the rest of my life.

I’m a fortunate man to have been a part of this special moment, on day two of our trip. Little did we know, this was to be the first of Brady’s 8 permit on the week here at Tarpon Caye. Yes – 8 permit, in 5 days. Therefore leading my group, who ran up a total tally of 25 permit and one grand slam on the week. Like I said… I couldn’t have drawn it up any better!”

Angler Story of the week from Noah Studdard, be sure to check him out on Instagram @noahstuddardfishing and Brady Poole, @bdpoole44

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