The North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF) and Salmon and Trout Conservation UK (S&TC) are two European-focused organizations that seek to preserve and enhance wild salmonids and their habitats.

The NASF was founded on continuing the commendable work of Orri Vigfusson, a lifelong Icelandic fisherman and advocate of Iceland’s wild salmon and rivers. Orri, who is credited with preventing the extinction of wild North Atlantic Salmon, passed away in July 2017, but the efforts of NASF–along with its partners–ensures his legacy and mission do not fade out.

Similarly, S&TC is the leading United Kingdom charity that works toward promoting healthy waterways, translating into abundant and healthy wild fish populations. S&TC uses its charitable donations and prominence to influence government policy and industrial practices for the wellbeing of wildlife and waterways.

Both of these well-respected organizations are promoting two important petitions. Keep reading to learn more about them and how you can help.

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The North Atlantic Salmon Fund and wild Icelandic salmon need our help! Just like threatened wild salmon in British Columbia, Icelandic salmon face the threat of open-net salmon farming operations. Today, NASF launched their #AgainstTheCurrent campaign, which seeks to prevent unchecked open-net aquaculture from destroying Iceland’s pristine fjords, rivers, and wild fisheries. The Icelandic Government is set to consider a bill, which would grant massive aquaculture operations unfettered access to Iceland’s fjords.

This would have potentially awful effects on Iceland’s wild North Atlantic salmon populations. The petition aims to demonstrate to Iceland’s Government that open-net aquaculture is unsustainable and potentially disastrous, and other forms of environmentally responsible alternatives should be supported. So, if you cherish wild fish and would hate to see them negatively affected by open-net aquaculture operations, sign the petition and go #AgainstTheCurrent–we did!

For over 100 years, S&TC has advocated for the preservation and enhancement of Europe’s waterways and fisheries. S&TC is supporting a petition to ensure strong and responsible water laws within the European Commission (the legislating body for the European Union).  This petition was the response to EU member states’ attempts to weaken their water laws.

Currently, 60% of Europe’s waterways are not healthy, a clear indication that something needs to change. This alarming percentage of unhealthy European waterways is the result of decades of irresponsible water use, including dams and unsustainable agriculture. Without healthy waters, wild fish and other wildlife cannot live up to their full potential. Join S&TC, the 100 other organizations, and nearly 350,000 people, who have all pledged to #ProtectWater. If you want to sign the petition or learn more about the campaign, check out #ProtectWater.

Grassroots movements like these are essential for the health of our environments and can achieve remarkable results. Even if you are not from or have never fished in Europe, check out these campaigns. Supporting fishermen and fisheries around the world is an important and respectable aspect of being a responsible and devoted fisherman.

This article was written by Flylords Team Member Will Poston.

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