Addicted to Brook Trout

After completing my first full year of fly fishing, I’m looking back on what it was that led me to fish well over 1000 hours in 2016. Thinking hard, Brook trout may have turned me into the addict that I am today.

Accessibility, the excitement of tricking a wild animal, and feeling the tug on my 3 weight rod all had me speeding up into the Rockies everyday after a hard morning of training. Playing professional soccer in Colorado has its perks, and one of those is having a fishing recovery plan in the Rockies. The cold water on my legs acting as an ice bath curing my aching muscles!

The best places to catch Brook trout are easily some of the most overlooked and in overfished places. As I gain experience, my desire to catch 30, 8 inch Brook trout in a  cold ditch diminishes but none the less is the perfect way to get into the sport.

If you are looking to add a fishing friend, take them dry fly fishing for Brook trout and you might turn them into a fly fishing fiend. I have taken several friends and teammates fly fishing for the first time and they all go ecstatic seeing a Brook trout rise.

As I gain experience and eye harder targets I will never forget the joys of learning to fly fish on Brook trout in the Colorado Rockies.

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