Abel Reels Releases Casey Underwood Edition Reels

Adding to their spectacular collection of custom finishes and artist collaborations, Abel Reels and Casey Underwood have knocked their latest creation out of the park. You can ready our quick interview with the artist below and check out a full gallery of the reels, below!

From Abel Reels:

“Every now and then, we come across an artist whose work naturally fits Abel’s palette of custom finishes. This time, that artist is Casey Underwood. Each of these original designs was created to correspond with a specific model in the Abel lineup. Individually laser engraved, and put through a proprietary polishing/texturizing process, these reels feature an innovative, first of its kind finish. Though complicated, the process requires less time than our hand-anodized graphic finishes, allowing for a Base Price + $200 premium on gloss black, or + $300 on any solid color gloss finish reel.”

Interview with the Artist: Casey Underwood

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Flylords: While they’re all incredible to behold, which of the reel designs is your favorite?

Casey: Oh man, that’s a tough one. I really do love them all… While my favorite is probably “Ridge Risers” or “Moondance”, “Slammin” was definitely the most challenging and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Flylords: How did you go about designing pieces that would fit on the round reel face?

Casey: With individual intentionality. Some of the models offered a full solid reel face to work with, others like the Vaya and TR only offered a portion of the reel face. It was important to consider the space that I had for each reel before even beginning to conceptualize design ideas.

Flylords: How long did each design take from start to finish?

Casey: Hard to say! I was working on them all at the same time, switching back and forth little by little. Oftentimes the process of nailing down what the artwork will actually look like is what takes the most time. Once I’ve gotten to that point, the rest is pretty straightforward.

Flylords: What is your favorite Abel reel to take out fishing?

Casey: I’m a big fan of click pawl reels so I’d have to say the TR!

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