For this installment of “Organization of the Month,” we chatted with 5Point Film Festival. 5Point is more than a film festival, it is a 501c3 dedicated to developing new programs to support filmmakers, students, and audiences across the United States. We sat down with the executive director of 5Point Luis Yllanes–follow along to learn more!

Flylords: What is 5Point? 

Luis: The 5Point Adventure Film Festival is an annual event that celebrates the spirit of adventure through the art of filmmaking. The festival features a selection of feature and short films that showcase inspiring stories of outdoor exploration, athleticism, overcoming adversity and environmental conservation.

The festival takes place over several days and includes film screenings, guest speakers, panel discussions, and outdoor activities. The festival provides a platform for adventure filmmakers and outdoor enthusiasts to come together and share their love for adventure and the outdoors.

Flylords: How did 5Point Start? 

Luis: The 5Point Adventure Film Festival was founded in 2007 by Julie Kennedy, who was inspired by her experiences as an outdoor adventurer and filmmaker. Kennedy wanted to create a festival celebrating the spirit of adventure, the human experience, as well as the art of filmmaking.

The festival originated in Carbondale and continues to this day as a platform showcasing the best in adventure filmmaking and a gathering place for enthusiasts from around the world. Held annually in April, the festival has expanded to include satellite events throughout the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond.

Flylords: Can you tell me a little more about the 5 Points you are founded on? 

Luis: The festival’s name, 5Point, comes from  our five guiding principles: purpose, respect, commitment, humility, and balance. These principles are woven into the festival’s programming and reflect our  mission to inspire and educate people through powerful storytelling.

Flylords: You have a lot of programs going on – care to tell us about what 5Point has going on? 

Luis: This year 5Point Adventure Film Festival returns to Carbondale, Colorado, April 19-23, 2023, for its 16th annual festival. We are expanding the festival program to include the first-ever “5Point Late Night Laughs” live comedy night featuring Denver based comedian Eeland Stribling.

The “5Point Heart Beats” music stage will kick off each nights film program with free live music, featuring some of Colorado’s best performers. We are also introducing the first annual 5Point 5K.  This year’s festival includes 15 world premieres and 10 Colorado film premieres. Over five days, the community is invited to many free events, including a complimentary community film screening to kick off the festival weekend, Wednesday, April 19, 2023, at Thunder River Theater. 

The return of our popular Summer Film Series, starts in June and 5Point On The Road programming  travels around the country all year long.  We also support our youth with free programming for public schools and will launch our Dream Project Scholarship this fall. 

Flylords: How can people get involved with 5Point? 

Luis: There are several ways for people to get involved:

Attend the festival: Tickets can be purchased on the festival’s website HERE

Volunteer: The festival relies on the help of volunteers to assist with various tasks such as event setup, ticket sales, and film screenings. Information on volunteering can be found HERE.

Submit a film: Submission guidelines and deadlines can be found HERE.

Attend an On The Road Screening: The festival has expanded to include satellite events in other locations as part of On The Road touring program. Attendees can check the 5Point website for upcoming tour stops or bring 5Point to their own communities HERE

Thank you so much to Luis for taking the time to tell us more about 5Point and the incredible work they are doing to inspire creativity. “After You’ve Gone” a Flylords Film will be showing at the Festival so make sure you follow the festival on social media to stay up to date on festival news and announcements on Facebook & Instagram. 

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