5 Tips: Fishing in Fortnite

I know that you are thinking, this is a cringeworthy read compared to your normal flylords features… That being said, it was a long, relaxing weekend, filled with some beer drinking, and fortnight playing. After a stressful few months sometimes it’s nice to just “Veg” on the couch and do nothing. After about hour 5 of playing fortnite, I had an “A-ha” moment and decided this article needed to be written.

The following are some pointers for fishing in Fortnite!

  1. Location Location Location:
    No this isn’t a real estate lesson, but let’s just make this clear, after jumping off the boat (sorry my Fortnite lingo is probably pretty poor) you want to send it to some of the fishiest spots on the map. Towns near bodies of water, or islands surrounded by water. As you get closer to landing you can even see fish jumping out of the water. Fishing locations appear randomly throughout any body of water on the Fortnite map But make sure you are aiming to land near water.

    Image courtesy of eurogamer
  2. Find a fishing rod – or even better a Harpoon
    Fishing rods are scattered throughout the map, you can find them in chests, or in barrels on the side of the water. If you are landing near water, it usually won’t take long to find a rod. In a recent update, Harpoons showed up! And they are badass – not only can you deal a straight 70 damage to your opponent, but you can also fish extremely fast and efficiently. I’ll almost always keep a harpoon in my arsenal, you will read below why we love fishing so much.
  3. Fishing Efficiently
    Like any fishing trip, you want to spend time fishing in areas that will produce the most fish. One technique here is to grab a rod, and a boat, and head upriver. Jumping out of the boat every time you see a jumping pool of fish. You can also run along the river bank targeting jumping pools of fish. Aim for the center of the pool and the second you feel your controller vibrate pull back!
  4. Optimize your backpack for fishing
    There are a few things you can almost always count on when fishing. A health fish, some ammo and a weapon. The health fish are awesome to keep in your backpack – and so are the rare shield fish. If you can stack these in your backpack you are good to go – they provide health and shield much faster than any other healing device in the game. If you stick with it, sometimes fishing can mean landing legendary weapons aswell – almost more frequently than chests…
  5. Keep your head up and keep moving
    As you already know, constant motion is important in the game, especially with the amount of sniping going on. So keep moving as you are fishing! Don’t be afraid to do some practice casting to make sure you are efficient on the water!

Cover image courtesy of the legendary streamer “Jelly” checkout his fishing challenge video below:

A few other videos we like also!

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