Catching a Trophy with the Love of your Life

Living in Bozeman, MT means fly fishing. A lot. One thing that has been beautiful about living out here with my wife, Logan, is that she has developed a passion for the sport as well. Fly fishing with your better half is a humbling experience. You have to step back, spend a lot of time on the oars, and hope for a fish that will keep them coming back.

It has been incredible watching my wife get good at fly fishing, even though she does seem to out fish me every day now.

This past Saturday, my two fishing buddies, and their wives went out for a day trip to the Yellowstone River.  The river had been blown out for a week from rain and had finally gotten that perfect green tint for throwing streamers. My wife, Logan, slapped a streamer into a deep hole and got “stuck on a rock”.

Philip Wilcheck on the oars, pulled over to the bank and walked the bank with her to get unstuck, only to realize that this rock was swimming.  Her face says it all in the photos from the day.

This fish will not soon be forgotten!

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