5 Reasons You Have to Fish Kamchatka

I absolutely love guiding Kamchatka, but one of the worst things about it is going home and trying to explain to people what this place is really like, not an easy task. Why do I like Kamchatka, you ask? Let me explain…

1. During our 9 week season on the upper Zhupanova river, you hardly see any sign of other people while out there. The occasional drone of an MI8 Helicopter in the distance is as close to people you get.

2. The raw nature of this place is indescribable, green lush terrain with scattered volcanoes, open blueberry fields and then a beautiful big river splitting the endless terrain.

3. I often get asked to compare Alaska to Kamchatka, although there might be some similarities I do feel it’s two complete different fisheries (countries). I have not spent enough to in Alaska to get a true feel for the place but I have had some Alaska veteran anglers tell me Kamchatka is like Alaska 100 years ago.

4. The Russians, are an experience within themselves. Some of my most memorable moments there have been shared with my fellow Russian guides around a campfire after a day of catching incredible rainbows. Obviously accompanied by a little vodka!

5. And then of course, who doesn’t like catching 30”+ Rainbow trout skating Mice across a river?

Christiaan Pretorius is the Lodge Manager at Abaco Lodge in the Bahamas. The rest of the time he spends traveling the globe chasing his next trophy fish! For epic angling content, follow him on Instagram @christiaanpretorius!

Photos courtesy of Christiaan Pretorius

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You never know where life will take you!


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