5 Reasons Bull Trout Should Be On The Top of Your Bucket List

Some photos and words from the Bull Trout Locals: @Back Country Pools 

Reason # 1 These Fish are at the top of the Food Chain
Bull trout are generally the top predators in a river ecosystem – Anyone who has fished for a bull trout has experienced having a Cutthroat Trout on your line, and a bull trout comes out of nowhere to hammer it off your line. These fish are mean, and hungry!

Reason #2: These Fish are BIG
With a hefty diet of cutthroat trout and mountain whitefish, bull trout grow to be the largest native trout species in our region (British Columbia). They also boast a lifespan of around 12 years, giving them plenty of time to grow. We have personally pulled out plenty of fish in the 30-40 inch range… Who doesn’t want to catch a trout that big?

Reason # 3: Location – It’s like looking for a new house… Location matters!
Bull trout are native throughout the Pacific Northwest. You have to pack your bags and come west to chase these trout. The good news is that you will be surrounded by mountains, canyons, and crystal clear water… Even if you’re not having much luck catching fish, take one look around and you will be mesmerized by the surrounding beauty.

Reason Número Cuatro: THE COLORS!
During migration and spawning, bull trout are suited up with some of the prettiest colors a trout can have. Yellow, Orange, Pink, Green… Depending on the habitat and river of residency, these fish will always have unique and spectacular colorations. When you land a fish after fighting it for 20 minutes, you can’t help but admire its beauty.

Last But Not Least #5: These Fish are Protected
In a lot of regions including Canada and the United States, Bull Trout are protected, meaning catch and release only. This practice keeps the bull trout population strong, making it fun for everyone to come back year after year to fish and enjoy a day on the river.

The Back Country Pool crew did an awesome job on the Flylords Snapchat Takeover this summer. They live in an incredible location, and if you want to follow one of the best Bull Trout pages on Instagram, Check them out!

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