3D Print a Fly Reel for $6.80

Who needs a back-up reel when you can print your own at home? If you’re looking for a fun project to take on this winter, check out this 3D printed fly reel. As 3D printing becomes more and more popular, we’re sure we’ll see more and more innovation in the space. Printed with plastic filament, the project only cost around $4.50.

According to the folks on the Crazy About Fly Fishing Youtube Channel, the project “came together very nicely and I think it should work well while fishing for trout and even ultra-light saltwater fly fishing. It’s a great little fly reel for the price and I am surprised by the strength of the plastic”

If you have access to a 3D printer, the files for the reel can be found here!

Would you ever fish a 3D printed reel?

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