I caught this pig in Gaspésie, QC, Canada, when I was filming for my tv show called Wildcats – Fly Fishing.  At the beginning of our trip, the fishing was very slow. We caught a few small fish but nothing that impressed us. We knew that this time of the year is the best for catching the biggest striped bass in Gaspésie, so we did a did a lot of scout fishing to find this fish. After a long trip, we found a fish factory where they drop dead herring into the sea (the smell was horrible). At our first look, there was probably a million striped bass over there waiting to eat all the dead herring, it was completely ridiculous! I have never seen a concentration of fish like this in my life…

At the beginning, we caught a lot of good size fish between 70 (28 in) and 80 cm (32 in). I knew there was some big fish over 90cm (35 in), so I tied on my biggest fly in the box, cast it, let it drop to the bottom, stripped it in slowly and bang! This fish hit my fly like a bullet, it was complete insanity! After a good fight, I had the chance to put my hand on this striped bass and measure him, 92 cm (36.5 in) of pure joy. I let him go back where he’s from and our trip was complete!

Jérôme Charest is a producer on a Canadian TV show called Wildcats – Fly Fishing. Check him out on Instagram at @jeyprod and @wildscatsfc
Photos courtesy David Tremblay @davtremb