10 Ways To Help Hurricane Dorian Survivors In The Bahamas

By Alex Ford

Updated 09/05/19 (More Auction Items)

The devastation in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian has been astonishing. The category 5 hurricane reached winds in excess of 200 mph, and made first landfall on Abaco before sitting on Grand Bahama for what felt like an eternity. A number of our friends and guides in Marsh Harbour are still unaccounted for. On the ground, we have Dan Zazworsky, the summer caretaker for The Delphi Club near Crossing Rocks and also the Head of Content for Flylords.

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Dan enjoying a beer a week before Dorian’s Devastation

The Delphi Club was spared the worst of the storm, and Abaco Lodge received a direct hit. Storm surges up to 20 feet raged across the island and Marsh Harbour, Hope Town, Green Turtle Cay, and the Mudd are all in catastrophic shape along with other outlying cays. Marsh Harbour Airport is still underwater, and all communication is down in Northern Abaco. Scattered reports project a loss of 13,000 houses and so far there have been 5 confirmed deaths in Abaco. Word from the ground puts the real death toll much higher.

ZoiGXZAgWe know that the landing strip at Sandy Point in Southern Abaco is open and the cell tower is functioning. The crew at Delphi was able to push through a flood on the Great Abaco Highway and made it into Marsh Harbour early this morning, opening a potential route for aid to reach Northern Abaco. Chris Allen from Air Flight Charters is stockpiling supplies in Fort Lauderdale and flying to Treasure cay and helicoptering into Marsh Harbour. A relief ship from the UK should land tonight in Abaco, and the US Coast Guard has been transporting the critically injured to a hospital in Nassau. We have no doubt that the resiliency of the Bahamian people will shine through here, but we need to give them all the financial and moral support we can muster. This is where the fly fishing community excels.
Perry, a guide for the Delphi Bonefish Club is still missing…
Whether you make a donation to a lodge in need or purchase a sticker T-shirt or print that supports relief efforts, here are 10 ways you can make an immediate impact on the relief efforts in the Bahamas.

1. Make a donation to families and community around Abaco Lodge

A message from Oliver White: Abaco Island in the Bahamas has been devastated by Hurricane Dorian. We are still waiting to hear from all our family, friends, and staff at Abaco Lodge to make sure everyone is unharmed. While the lodge has insurance and can be repaired or rebuilt, that is not the case for our family, friends, and staff on the island. The few people we have spoken to have lost everything. This community will need our help to rebuild their lives, so we are asking for help on their behalf.
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2. Make a donation to Delphi Club Bahamas

Although the Delphi club made it through the storm structurally, many of the guides and employees homes were devastated. Children and guides are missing from this community. We had a chance to shoot with the Delphi Club a few weeks ago and were touched by the welcoming guides and community while we were there.

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3. Donate to Austin Serving Abaco

After the storm, the damage to Abaco is catastrophic.  100% of your donation will go directly to helping the people and rebuilding the infrastructure of the communities on the island of Abaco.  Your donation is tax-deductible and will help to empower people on the island with hope for the future.  Thank you again for your help, prayers, and support.


Austin Serving Abaco, ASA, is a registered 501 (c) 3 founded to assist Haitian immigrants and native Bahamians in need, with a focus on helping children receive an education, assisting them in meeting their basic needs, and creating an atmosphere of hope and encouragement.  We invite you to make a difference in the lives of these children! 

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4. Donate to Bahamas Red Cross

One of the key ways the Bahamas Red Cross continues to carry out our work is with the help of you, our supporters, and the donations you make.
If you wish to make a donation, you can do so using the secure form below. Any amount, even a few dollars, can go a long way to providing relief for those who need it most.

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5. Buy a Hurricane Relief shirt from Vineyard Vines.

In an effort to build awareness and support relief efforts, we’re donating 100% of the proceeds from every Bahamas Dorian Relief T-Shirt to Hurricane Dorian relief efforts. By buying and wearing this limited-edition shirt, you will personally drive awareness and make a difference.

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6. Buy a Bahamas Strong 36in Ruler
We’re donating 100% of sales from these rulers AND matching…so one ruler sale donates $80 towards helping the Bahamas. These limited edition rulers are triple laminate 9mm genuine SeaDek in Bahama Blue/Sunburst Yellow/Midnight Black. Available in Bonefish, Mahi and Hogfish designs. Please note that these rulers are pre-orders and we will ship them as soon as we are able to.

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7. Bid on a piece of one of a kind artwork from Cody Richardson

Cody Richardson is auctioning off a few pieces of artwork donating 100% of proceeds back to the communities of Abaco.


8. Bid on an incredible photo from Matt Jones Photography

Matt Jones is auctioning off 3 fantastic photo prints and giving back 100% to the Abaco communities.Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 7.23.16 PM.png

9. Purchase a Category 5 Storm shirt from Howler Bros

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Category Five Mutation will benefit hurricane relief.

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10. BAHAMAS STRONG STICKER from Slacker Tide

Florida based artist is Hurricane Dorian is set to be the most catastrophic storm to hit the Bahamas in recorded history. 100% of proceeds of the sale of this sticker will be donated to https://ewfrelief.org/.

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11. Donate 200+ to Yellowdogs Community and Conservation Foundation and receive a limited edition Rep Your Water Hat
Yellow Dog and Rep Your Water are partnering up to offer limited edition Bahamas bonefish hats to every individual that makes a donation of $200 or more to YDCCF’s hurricane relief efforts.


Guides Are Auctioning Trips

1. Spend a Day with JT Van Zandt

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2. Spend a day fishing with Blane Chocklett

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3. Spend a day fishing with Mike Schultz
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