Meet the Fly Lords

1Jared Zissu

Jared Zissu is the founder of Flylords, starting the company in his college dorm room in 2012. Jared has the vision to grow the sport of fly fishing through inspirational content and authentic storytelling. Over the past years, he has traveled to some of the fishiest places on earth shooting photos for outdoor brands and for the Flylords Instagram feed.

2Wills Donaldson


Wills Donaldson is a homegrown Pennsylvania fly fisherman and is the Director of Brand Partnerships, and an Editoral Lead here at Flylords. Chasing all that nature has to offer, he’s spent the last 7 summers of his life canoeing, fishing, and guiding in the remote wilderness of Ontario and Quebec. Having currently graduated from the University of Delaware with a focus in English, Advertising, and finding secret fishing spots along his local stream; Wills now resides in Western Colorado. Check him out on Instagram at @wmdfly!

3Max Erickson

Max Erickson is a cinematographer and colorist based out of Brooklyn, NY. After working in-house as a cinematographer at a production company in Vermont he moved on to freelance. He specializes in cinematic visual storytelling and has extensive experience in commercial, documentary, and narrative projects. When Max isn’t behind a camera you can find him navigating rivers with a fly rod in his hand or hurling himself through the air with skis on his feet.

4Daniel Zazworsky

Dan or “Zaz” is the Content Team Manager at Flylords, focusing on News and Current Events in the fly fishing world. Zaz, as he is otherwise called, is a Pennsylvania native. His fly fishing journey began at age 12 while chasing trout in his home waters. Dan has been on the Flylords team since August 2017 and previously worked for Postfly Box. Having spent his childhood in Europe, you can find him dreaming of his next adventure. Follow him on Instagram @dan.zaz!

5Max DesMarais

Max DesMarais is a New Hampshire native and an avid outdoorsman with a passion for fly fishing. Max is part of the marketing team for Flylords, handling the weekly newsletter and other aspects of digital marketing. Outside of Flylords, Max is a marketing strategist and runs his own site on hiking and fishing. He is now located in Colorado.

6Will Poston

Will Poston has been with us here at Flylords since 2017 and is now our Conservation Editor. Will focuses on high-profile conservation issues, such as Pebble Mine, the Clean Water Act rollbacks, recovering the Pacific Northwest’s salmon and steelhead, and everything in-between. Will is from Washington, DC, and you can find him fishing on the tidal Potomac River in Washington, DC, or chasing striped bass and Albies up and down the East Coast—and you know, anywhere else he can find a good bite! Follow will on Instagram @Will_Poston and be sure to reach out to if you have a conservation-related issue you want to be covered!

7Matteo Moretti

Matteo Moretti is a New Jersey native who, after participating in bass fishing tournaments throughout high school, trading in the conventional gear for the coveted fly rod. A multi-week fly fishing adventure in the Colorado Rockies in 2014 introduced fly fishing in Matteo’s life and he hasn’t looked back since. Now a sophomore at Middlebury College focusing on Environmental Studies and Film, fly fishing has offered the perfect opportunity to combine all the things Matteo loves: photography, film, writing, conservation, and storytelling. Currently, Matteo is the Media Intern at FlyLords helping with editing shorts and promotional clips and a nerd and fly fishing junkie the rest of the year—chasing anything that flops, crawls, and flies with rod and camera in hand. Check Matteo out on Instagram:

8Grant Michaels

Grant Michaels is an avid outdoorsman and fly fisherman with a passion for conservation and documenting fishing adventures behind the lens with family and friends. Grant is on the Content Team here at Flylords focusing on current events and interesting topics floating around the fly fishing world. You can catch him trekking the mountains and exploring new areas in search of that addictive tug! Follow him on Instagram: @gemichaels

9Scott Smith

Scott Smith is an outdoor photographer, videographer, and published writer. Now a
contributor to Fly Lords Mag. Fly fishing is his passion or obsession, a way of life. Scott
is known for his enthusiasm, passion, and sense of humor. He is always adapting to the
ever-changing conditions in Southern Ontario. Targeting big fish in tributaries, ponds,
lakes, creeks, and rivers are all part of the game while chasing carp, migratory species, or whatever the hot bite is.

10Nate Holmes

When he’s not in school, Nate Holmes is running around chasing any fish he can cast to. From Striped Bass and False Albacore to trout and salmon, Nate loves throwing flies and sharing his adventures.

11Landen German

Landen German (IG: @Landen_Bailey) is a Southern California transplant following his passion for fly fishing to the great state of Idaho. Landen is currently a senior at Boise State University. When he’s not on campus Landen is on the river, in a kick boat, or on the beach chasing anything from Corbina and Calico bass to Trout and Smallmouth.

12Tia Kelliher

Tia Kelliher is an Alaskan fly fisher with a passion for outdoor adventures. She is studying Aviation and German at the University of Alaska Anchorage, with hopes of being a pilot. Tia can often be found fishing, hiking, kayaking, skiing, playing hockey, traveling, or teaching hot yoga. She loves finding new places to fish and enjoys introducing her friends to fly fishing.

13Evan Garda

Evan Garda is the affiliate manager for Flylords. His love for fishing started at an early age in Southwest PA and is a passion that continues today in Colorado. He can be found chasing trout throughout the west with his trusty fly rod.

14Owen Rossi

Owen Rossi is currently a senior at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. When he is not in class – or on the field competing for Duquesne’s division one men’s soccer program – he is out on the many trout streams that Maryland has to offer.

15Heather Harkavy

Heather grew up in South Florida where she pursued a large variety of salt and freshwater species from a young age. Throughout her time at Florida State University, Heather worked in marketing and hospitality with Costa, Trout Unlimited, CCA, Tropic Star Lodge, and CFCW. She currently works full time as the Director of Operations with Fish for Change – a nonprofit that hosts international student fly fishing trips grounded in education, conservation, and community immersion. This platform gives Heather a chance to follow her passion, as she hopes to inspire the next generation of anglers. Heather plans to use this opportunity to work with the Fly Lords Sales Team as a chance to broaden the sense of community within this sport, inspire others to get out on the water and help break down the barrier of entry within fly fishing.

16Brooke Duncan

Brooke is a content intern at the Flylords. Between busy school weeks, soccer, and skiing, Brooke Duncan can be found waist-deep in any and all rivers in Southwestern Colorado. Born and raised in Telluride, she has been fishing since she took her first steps, and enjoys the challenge of techy dry fly rivers and lakes. From the crystal clear rivers in Patagonia to the swift streams of Colorado, she has spent many hours making casts, sharing stories, and being on the water with family and friends.

17Andrew Braker

Andrew is a Conservation Writer for the Flylords team. He’s a native Marylander who loves chasing striper and trout alike, but his real passion is studying and writing about the environment. Andrew specializes in topics including public lands/water, fisheries management, sustainable tourism, and corporate sustainability. Andrew believes that the fly fishing community is a unique group of people that form very close relationships with the fishing spots they love, and the species they love to catch— creating a group of people that are uniquely passionate and willing to fight for the health of these environments and the fish that live within them.

18Gretchen Mahoney

Gretchen Mahoney is a native Texan who grew up fishing lakes in east and west Texas for largemouth bass. A trout fishing trip to northern Colorado at age 10 sparked her transition from traditional gear into the fly fishing world, and she’s been hooked ever since. She is a law student at SMU Dedman School of Law in Dallas, and when she escapes the library you can find her high-tailing it to the nearest bass boat. She is passionate about casting light on conservation issues and the dynamic, vibrant sport of fly fishing.


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