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Army on the March

For farmers, there is probably nothing worse than waking up in the morning to find an invasion, especially one with an insatiable appetite. Recently a spate of farms in my local area of northern Tasmania have found themselves at war with a pest, a small caterpillar like grub called the Armyworm. They are called Armyworms for the fact they...

Photographer Spotlight: Steven Ooi

Steven Ooi is the kind of guy that feels more at home in a backcountry tent than in the walls of a modern home. Steve defines home as not where you live but where you feel the most comfortable, and that to him has been the outdoors. Currently based in Tasmania, Steve is lucky enough to be surrounded by abundant lakes, tarns, rivers, and...

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Cuba: Garden of Queens

We had the fortune of sitting down with one of our favorite filmmakers Yngve Yask, to talk about his recent trip to Cuba. The...