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5 Tips to Help You Trick Winter Brown Trout

We talked with Nolan Dahlberg about his top advice to help you catch those big, wary, slow wintertime brown trout. Here are his top 5: 1. In low clear water, focus on deeper slow pockets 2. Small, delicate presentations can get the finicky fish to make the move and eat 3. If the fishing is slow, they might just not want to...

5 Tips: Catching Smallmouth On The Fly

In this blog entry, Nolan highlights 5 important tips for targeting Smallmouth on the fly during the summer months. Recently, Nolan has been catching some huge fish and we wanted to find out what his secret was. #1 Concentrate on River fishing in the summer spend a lot of time fishing open water, but in the summer I definitely spend more time...

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Eye of the Tiger

This fish is the result of a lot of sleepless nights, countless hours driving, and the vast majority of outings resulting in no fish...