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Summer Fly Fishing in the Japan Backcountry

The summers in Japan are super hot with temps 34-38C (93-100F) every day. We seek refuge from the heat in the backcountry mountain rivers and streams.  Specifically in central Japan, Nagano prefecture. The Target species are Native Japanese char and landlocked salmon (Iwana and Yamame). We were fishing 700m-1000m (2300ft-3280ft) above sea level. Cold mountain river with 7-8C (44-46F) water temperatures. The license...

5 Tips: Nailing the Perfect Shot

We sat down with photographer Kiyoshi Nakagawa to talk about how he manages to seemingly capture perfect images of fish launching themselves skyward. Here are his top 5 tips for capturing those moments: 1. Set your shutter speed at least 1/1000 to 1/5000 2. Make sure your ISO is set as low as possible. 400-2000 maximum 3. Wait for the fish to Jump...

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8 Tips: Bonefish On The Fly

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