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Experimental Trout Stocking Program in Europe

The critical need to increase the population of salmonids, especially brown trout, in our rivers was recognized a long time ago. Natural spawning of fish has dramatically decreased in recent years for many reasons. Some of the spawning habitats no longer exist, and the existing ones are either only partially effective, or there simply is no fish to spawn. However, by...

Hucho Hucho: So Nice You Say It Twice

Flylords: So what exactly is a Hucho Hucho? Kurt: Hucho Hucho or Danube salmon is originally endemic (native) to the Danube River in Europe.  However, the changes of biotopes, hydraulic structures, hydroelectric dams and water pollution have almost killed off this species. At present, it can be mainly found in Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Slovenia and in the Balkans, where mostly...

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Cuba: Garden of Queens

We had the fortune of sitting down with one of our favorite filmmakers Yngve Yask, to talk about his recent trip to Cuba. The...