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Video: New Zealand Brown in Spring Creek

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to fish in the South Island of New Zealand. Unfortunately, water levels in the Lewiss pass area were pretty high, so we had to look for some small spring creeks! After trekking through the wild, we finally found one in the middle of nowhere! The water reminded me of the streams from my childhood, where targeted small...

Arctic Chrome in a Mystical Lake

Most know Iceland as a country of "ice and fire", but not many people know Iceland as a country of trophy brown trout, which I like to call "Arctic Chrome ". In the past, I did not have much interested in fly fishing arctic areas. Let's be honest I'm a woman who enjoys warm weather, sun, crystal clear water, hot sand, bikinis and a cold beer....

Mahi-mahi On Fly in the Mediterranean Sea

Mahi-mahi also known as dolphinfish, are a non-native species to the Mediterranean sea. They came into these waters from tropical areas due to global warming over the last decade. It´s quite unique to catch Mahi from the beach on a fly rod, and it´s even more interesting that can happen in Croatia! We travel to different areas of Croatia from Split to Dubrovnik every year, and we are always successful!To be honest, it doesn't matter where...

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