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Keeping Your Head in the Game with Josh Phillips

Josh Phillips is one of the hardest working entrepreneurs in the fly fishing industry, balancing his time between running Spawn Fly Fish (a fly head manufacturing company) while also making plays as a professional soccer player.  We sat down with Josh and asked him a few questions about his journey to where he is now and what's next for the multi-talented...

Addicted to Brook Trout

After completing my first full year of fly fishing, I'm looking back on what it was that led me to fish well over 1000 hours in 2016. Thinking hard, Brook trout may have turned me into the addict that I am today. Accessibility, the excitement of tricking a wild animal, and feeling the tug on my 3 weight rod all had me speeding up...

Must Reads

Eye of the Tiger

This fish is the result of a lot of sleepless nights, countless hours driving, and the vast majority of outings resulting in no fish...