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Rockin’ The Rockies: Words of Wisdom for Alpine Cutthroat Now although this video from my trip last August may look like a cake walk, these high mountain hideouts can be some truly brutal country for the newbie mountaineer. Steep trails, big boulders, and gnarly switchbacks will eat up seasoned flatland hikers with ease. So, if you decide to have a go at finding some of these alpine cutties,...

Central American Jungle Trout

When anglers think of Costa Rica, the last thing on their mind is bringing along a 7ft, 3wt buggy whip. Now I’ll be honest with ya, I am pretty stoked this whole jungle trout fishery has flown under the radar for so long. When I first came to Costa Rica I thought about the typical saltwater species everyone comes here...

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8 Tips: Bonefish On The Fly

8 Tips for increasing your chances of catching bonefish on the fly. From our recent trip fly fishing in Belize.