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A Review from the Shitter: Scientific Anglers Amplitude AST Plus MPX

It just dawned on me that I should be productive during this bathroom break. Yesterday my girlfriend caught a nice brown, and it's got me thinking about the setup she was using when she landed the beast. Specifically the fly line. Let's face it. Fly lines are complicated, and with all of the new terms coming out for the science behind...

Mud Gangsters

It’s hot as dog shit out here, and whether we are guiding or working in the shop, it sucks. The only time the heat isn’t too bad is when the tricos are popping on the Mo during the morning. Clients are happy, fish are eating, and life is good. Then noon comes around and it’s so hot you are...

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Grand Slam Line Review

You can prepare all you want for saltwater trips, but in the end, Mother Nature is going to do whatever the hell she wants. That’s why it is critical to have gear that performs when the moment arises. When you are tucked tight in between a mangrove riddled creek and have one cast to reach the fish right around...

Must Reads

F3T Behind the Lens: Beyond The Horizon

We go behind the scenes with Cold Collaborative, to talk about their latest film Beyond the Horizon. Presented by the Fly Fishing Film Tour