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The Fence Fight

video To me, fly fishing is a sport. Passivity is simply too boring. There needs to be something more than the simple act of casting and catching, playing catch with gimmie trout. Am I likely to get my ass handed to me? I’m in. Is it going to be a huge day of walking? Perfect. Is there something unknown about...

10 Things to Remember While Fishing in Variable Weather

South Island, New Zealand. The Maruia River is a gorgeous river with beautiful, predictable riffles, runs, and pools. It has great spotting banks and flows through a mix of pasture and beech forest. It doesn’t stand out among southern island rivers but compliments nearby water with a gentler feel than others in the Lewis Pass. On sunny days, the river...

Must Reads

Cuba: Garden of Queens

We had the fortune of sitting down with one of our favorite filmmakers Yngve Yask, to talk about his recent trip to Cuba. The...