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New Video: Dogs of War What weight rod is typically needed to catch tigerfish? We were fishing 9 Weight outfits with fast sinking lines. You do not have to cast that far for the tigerfish, but definitely, have to make sure you get your fly down to their level quick. For the more close quarters fishing, we add some extra weight to our flies, fishing...

How One Man is Pioneering Catch-and-Release Fishing in Europe "Welcome to Iceland" is a film created by Brothers on the Fly that captures the amazing landscape of Iceland while also showing the benefits of catch-and-release (C&R) fishing. These two brothers come from Germany, where this practice is illegal. Germany has some pretty strict animal protection law and one paragraph says (quickly translated) “causing harm to any animal for...

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F3T Behind the Lens: Beyond The Horizon

We go behind the scenes with Cold Collaborative, to talk about their latest film Beyond the Horizon. Presented by the Fly Fishing Film Tour