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Don’t Sleep on Winter Fishing For some, late Fall and Winter means putting away the fly rod for a few months to wait for fairer weather, but for others, the pursuit of fish continues no matter the temperature. We asked Flylords contributor Benjamin Kraushaar what late fall and winter fishing means to him in his home state of Wyoming... Fall in Wyoming is volatile and amazing,...

4 Reasons Why Bike Packing and Fly Fishing Go Hand-in-Hand

The goal of this trip was to bike pack through the San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado and fish as many alpine lakes and creeks as possible. Sam Simmons, Justin Reiter, Dylan Stucki and I started in Telluride and made a big loop through the San Juans that lasted 10 days. We suffered through relentless rain and pushed over rugged...

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F3T Behind the Lens: Dubai on the Fly

We are excited to announce a new blog series presented by The Fly Fishing Film Tour. We will be conducting behind the scenes interviews with...