Meet the Fly Lords

1Jared Zissu, Founder

Jared Zissu is the founder of Flylords, starting the company in his college dorm room in 2012. Jared has the vision to grow the sport of fly fishing through inspirational content and authentic storytelling. Over the past year, he has traveled to some of the fishiest places on earth shooting photos for outdoor brands and for the Flylords Instagram feed.

2Dan Zazworsky, Head of Content

Dan “Zaz” Zazworsky is the Head of Content, managing Flylords Mag and the content team. He is a recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, where he founded the Panther Fly Fishing Club. He currently lives near Harrisburg, PA where he can be found chasing wild trout and smallmouth bass while dreaming of his next trip to the salt!
Instagram @dan.zaz

3Max Erickson

Max Erickson is a cinematographer and colorist based out of Brooklyn, NY. After working in-house as a cinematographer at a production company in Vermont he moved on to freelance. He specializes in cinematic visual storytelling and has extensive experience in commercial, documentary and narrative projects. When Max isn’t behind a camera you can find him navigating rivers with a fly rod in his hand or hurling himself through the air with skis on his feet.

4Zento Slinger

Zento Slinger is an east-coast based filmmaker. His life revolves around interesting people and cool stuff. Zento is an incredibly talented storyteller and editor. He will be responsible for the post-production of the Argentina project.

5Jake Wood 

My name’s Jake Wood I’m the Snapchat content manager. I was born and raised in Austin, Texas and I’m currently a student at The University of Miami. I started fly fishing when I was 9 years old and I have been fortunate enough to travel all over the US and world catching awesome fish. The island of Abaco is my favorite place as I have been fortunate enough to spend my whole life traveling there. My favorite species to target are big, tailing bonefish on foot, as well as permit and tarpon anywhere I can find them. If I’m not fly fishing, I still spend my time outdoors, whether I’m spearfishing, surfing or snowboarding.

6Collin Terchanik

Aye! I am Collin Terchanik from the Flylords’ content team. My job
consists of writing blogs and finding jaw-dropping content for all you
viewers. In my free time, I am a professional wanderer, a wannabe fly
fisherman, and a real Central Pennsylvanian. I target all species,
from the tiny brook trout that flourish in our mountain streams—to the
toothy muskellunge. From my past experiences, I have come to
realization… Through the humility and sometimes frustration the sport
may bring me, I am always drawn back. As most fly fishermen do, I have
the utmost passion and respect for fly fishing. Since the craft treats
us fishermen so well, it is our duty to treat it the same way.
Instagram: @c_terch

7Conner Grimes

Hey, my name is Conner Grimes and I am on the content team at FlyLords. I grew up in Duluth, GA and then moved to Nashville for college. I really started getting into fly fishing around my sophomore year of college. Tennessee has some great tailwater trout fisheries, but my favorite species to target is smallmouth bass in unknown creeks throughout the state. My favorite thing about fly fishing is the amazing places it has taken me and I am excited to see where it will take me in the future.

8Max DesMarais

Max DesMarais is a New Hampshire native and an avid outdoorsman with a passion for fly fishing. Max is part of the marketing team for Flylords, handling email marketing, and other aspects of digital marketing activities. Outside of Flylords, Max is an SEO and PPC specialist and runs his own site on hiking and fishing.

9Will Poston

Growing up in the suburbs of Washington, DC, one may have trouble believing that I am an obsessed fly fisherman, but it’s the truth. Fly fishing for me began with seeing pictures of my Uncle and Grandfather fly fishing for salmon in Alaska or permit in Belize.This led to my then 16-year-old self to pretty much convert most of my fishing gear and fishing goals to focus on fly fishing. I do a lot of fishing on Martha’s Vineyard chasing sand eel slurping stripers at night, so these days I turn to my 9wt almost every session, while the big surf rod takes the back-seat. I exchanged the big striper plugs and largemouth soft-plastics for clousers and frog flies that I tied myself. While I do much of my fly-fishing during the summer months up north, this past spring–with the help of the local fly fishing guru and good buddy– I hooked up to the pictured striper one mile upriver from Georgetown, DC, which was probably my best and most memorable fish caught on the fly. Currently, I am a Junior at Miami University in Ohio and far from my familiar waters, but joining Flylords’ content team and tracking down epic fly fishing stories and content has definitely helped ease the some of the itching desire to throw some flies.

10Britton Beal

My name is Britton Beal and I am on the Content Team here at the FlyLords. I was born and raised just south of Boston but spent most of my childhood summer months at a family lake house on Squam Lake, New Hampshire. A lake house that is decorated like an antique fly fishing museum and where I first discovered fly fishing. Turns out my great uncle was Herb Welch; the inventor of the Black Ghost fly, and the man who arguably invented streamer hooks by hammering the shank of baitfish hooks until it lay flat. With enough cool history and access old gear to learn on, the hook was set. My fly fishing career began by snagging sunny’s off a dock with dry flies and has taken me as far as New Zealand in search of those buck-nasty, backcountry, brown trout. I can only imagine it will take me even further but nowadays I reside in Portland, Maine. I prefer chasing saltwater species when the fish are running but in the offseason can be found terrorizing your local trout streams and searching for salters.

11Craig Cullen

What’s going on! My names Craig Cullen and I am on the content team finding the best stories, films, and pictures out there for you to enjoy! I grew up outside of Philadelphia, Pa, and I head north to Nantucket, Ma for the summers where I fish for whatever will chase a fly! My favorite fish to catch is the Striped Bass, but having anything on the other end of my line if fine with me! Currently, I am in a gap year living out west, and will be starting school at Colorado College in the fall!
Instagram: @cwcullen

12Kate Watson

Kate Watson is a Flylords conservation writer. She is a fly fishing guide, casting instructor, competition caster and steelhead dirtbag. Kate grew up barefoot and wild in a hunting lodge in Northern British Columbia, which inevitably made her fall in love with everything wild. She was introduced to two-handed rods and became enamored with the north-west steelhead culture. She eventually took to long lines and classic flies, blending tradition and contemporary techniques. Apart from being steelhead obsessed, Kate works to promote salmonid longevity, responsible fishing techniques, and safe handling practices. Catch her on her Instagram: @katywat

13Tommy Archibald

Hey guys, I’m Tommy, and I’m on the Flylords Content team. I grew up in the troutless state of Alabama but caught the fly-fishing bug on a fishless trip to the Smoky Mountains when I was 11. I come from a competitive angling background, and I’m fortunate enough to be an alumnus of the US Youth Fly Fishing Team, where I had the opportunity to meet and fish alongside some of the best anglers in the country. I started as a trout junky, but I’ve also developed a love affair with the warm water species that frequent some of the less heralded waters of my home region. I moonlight as a nerd and am a junior at Emory University. Check out Tommy on Instagram: @tommyarchibald_fly_fishes!

14Duncan Macleod

Duncan is the director of sales and marketing at Flylords. He first picked up a fly rod when he was 12 years old, and the rest was history. He has traveled all over the world, spending countless hours on the water. He enjoys all the unique challenges fly fishing presents, from stalking bonefish on the flats to sight fishing stubborn brown trout.

15George Constantine

George is a manager on the sales and marketing team with Flylords. Growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, he started fly fishing the Gulf Coast of Florida. His days on the water are spent chasing Amberjacks, Crevalle Jack, and migratory Tarpon. He has been fortunate enough to travel to many international locations including, Colombia, Cuba, and Panama, chasing the next saltwater challenge.

16Marco Ross

Marco is on the sales and marketing team with Flylords. Marco has been an avid fisherman all his life, with his passion for fly fishing being brought to life while attending Northern Michigan University. Local rivers surrounded NMU, which allowed his talent and love for the sport to continuously grow. Throughout the summer season, he is a guide on the Rio Grande in Colorado. When fall hits, he makes his move to the Rogue River in Oregon to chase Steelhead.