Grateful Dead Amateur Artwork Competition Submissions!

Dead Artist Competition:

A few weeks ago we launched a contest looking for our next Grateful Dead – Collab t-shirt design.


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 We received some incredible submissions, we will be opening up voting to our audience on Instagram today (April 15, 2021) to decide the winning design! Thanks to all the incredible artists who took the time to submit their work. This design will end up being a limited run of apparel! 20% of the proceeds will be given to a non-profit of the artist’s choice.

1.Trisha @trishalaveryart

2.Josh @Jmay_atl

3. Max Martin: @maxxmartinn

4. Ernie Ventura

5. ‘Bear Bone’ – Tom Murray

6. Jeff Troldahl @trodies

7. Matt Macchi @macchim

8. Austin Collins @austincollins5

9. Oona Watkins @oona.seas

10. Shadrach Murphy

11.Eric @eric_victoriano

12. Jonathan Myers @j_my3rs

13. Ethan Laarman @ethanlhughes

14.Amy LeBeau

15. Ryan McCarty @mccarty_photo

16. Marshal Way @marshalway

17. Brother Swagler @@swagler_

18. Andrew Edwards @finyflies

Voting will be taking place on Instagram @flylords

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