Flylords is Looking for Interns – Apply Now

The content team at Flylords is searching for qualified interns for 2020. Check out the positions below.

Culinary Editor – Do you have a passion for cooking? Passion for fly fishing and sustainably harvesting your catch? Enjoy beer, wine, and craft cocktails? The Flylords team is looking for a culinary editor for 2020. Basic responsibilities include writing and covering stories relating to food and drink on the Flylordsmag blog.

Art Editor – Are you a passionate angler with a knack for art? Flylords is looking for an intern that will cover fly fishing and art. Basic responsibilities include monthly artist interviews. Knowledge and understanding of art and interest in fly fishing are preferred.

Gear Editor – Calling all fly fishing gear junkies. Flylords is searching for an intern to focus on all things relating to fly fishing gear, whether it’s gear reviews, gift guides, and new products in the fly fishing world. This position will cover anything and everything relating to fly fishing gear.

Snapchat Manager – Do you spend countless hours on Snapchat and have a passion for fly fishing? The Flylords team is looking for an intern to manage the Flylords Snapchat account. Basic duties involve searching out Snapchat contributors and coordinating Snapchat takeovers.

Preferred qualifications: Grammar and writing skills, social media management skills, experience using CRM system WordPress, understanding of basic SEO functions, fly fishing photography, and of course a passion for fly fishing.

To apply email send a cover letter, resume, and why you think you would be a good fit for the team to Please specify what position (Culinary, Art, Gear, or Snapchat) you are applying for and what makes you a good fit for the specific position. The deadline to apply is December 1st, 2019. All positions are unpaid internships to start with room to grow into paid positions.

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