Five Overlooked Pieces of Water

As anglers we want to make the most of our time on the water, this often means we target only prime water and hurry...

10 Tips for Catching Golden Dorado in the Marshes

Golden Dorado, pound for pound, are some of the meanest, hardest-hitting fish, on the planet. While dorado fishing tactics can vary depending on location, these are some general tips for the species...Enjoy!

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South Island, New Zealand. The Maruia River is a gorgeous river with beautiful, predictable riffles, runs, and pools. It has great spotting banks and flows...

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Underwater Photography Tips

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5 Ways to Improve Your Nymphing

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Tips to Make Your Pyramid Lake Trip Unforgettable

Fish the Ledges Without a lot of foliage and structure, the Lahontan cutthroat trout use the ledges of drop-offs from the sandy flats as ambush...

Taking Risks to Catch a Fish of a Lifetime

Many determining factors come into play when deciding what kind of a fishing day you desire to have. My main three are the size...