Tips to Make Your Pyramid Lake Trip Unforgettable

Fish the Ledges Without a lot of foliage and structure, the Lahontan cutthroat trout use the ledges of drop-offs from the sandy flats as ambush...

10 Tips: Catching More Trout

The weather is getting nice, and the trout bite is on! Here are 10 ways you can increase your success rate on a trout...

5 Tips to Make Big Winter Brown Trout Happen

Mid to late winter can be the perfect time to target big brown trout. These fish tend to get more territorial over the winter protecting...

Flylords Holiday Fly Fishing Gift Guide

The Ultimate Fly Fishing Holiday Gift Guide.
A stonefly nymph

Fly Fishing Nymphs – The Most Productive Way to Land Fish

Presented by Ross Reels It’s been said that trout do up to 90% of their feeding underwater. Whether or not this number is accurate, the...

5 Tips: Getting Kids Hooked on Fly Fishing

“Dada it’s going to pull me in!” my daughter screamed after I handed her my fly rod with an energetic 20-inch Utah rainbow on...

Taking Risks to Catch a Fish of a Lifetime

Many determining factors come into play when deciding what kind of a fishing day you desire to have. My main three are the size...

10 Things to Remember While Fishing in Variable Weather

South Island, New Zealand. The Maruia River is a gorgeous river with beautiful, predictable riffles, runs, and pools. It has great spotting banks and flows...
bass mouth

5 Tips for More Successful Bass Fishing

1. FISH the fly: This is probably one of the most important elements to having more success bass fishing, it’s also the number one thing I...

Landon Mayer’s 5 Winter Trout Fishing Secrets

This article was written by Landon Mayer, an accomplished fly fishing writer, guide, ambassador, and public speaker. Here are what Landon considers to be...