12 Year Old Catches Wild Steelhead on Spey Rod

"In the unknown, there are so many possibilities. That’s steelheading. There is a saying that “steelhead are emotionally & mentally undefinable.” I find they...

Women on the Water: Katie Fiedler Anderson

Many of us call the water home, Katie Fiedler Anderson is no different. Just after high school, she picked up a fly rod and...
brook trout

Shore Lunch

I clambered over rocks and under fallen trees. My boots slid on slick boulders making the coffee in my stomach slosh against the eggs...

Fall Fly Fishing in Bavaria

At the foot of the Bavarian Alps, embedded in the postglacial landscape, runs the cold and crystal clear river Traun. Every year my family enjoys...

10 Year Old Piper Lands Grand Slam in Florida Keys

Last summer 10-year-old Piper and her father PJ seemingly pulled off the impossible, Piper caught a Florida Keys Grand Slam at 10 years of...

#TakeYourKidFishing DIY Saltwater Fly Fishing Tips

The last time the boys and I put together a piece with Flylords we wrote about “10 Tips for Fishing with Your Kids” and...
Mia Sheppard Women on the Water

Women on the Water: Mia Sheppard

For this Mother's Day, we wanted to highlight Mia Sheppard. Mia owns and operates an outfitter with her husband Marty, is the mother to...

Orvis Presents “If I Tell Them”

"If I Tell Them" by a powerful film by Oliver Sutro and Orvis featuring James Sampsel, a painter and fly-fishing guide, who bravely shares...