Autism Awareness

Flies for a Cause: 2020 Autism Awareness Creative Concept Contest

Over the last few years, we have seen an uprising in the fishing community around the world. The industry has blossomed in multiple directions...

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2019 has been an incredible year for all of us here at Flylords Mag, we've shared more stories with you this year than ever...

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In the midst of Hurricane Dorian recovery, we wanted to highlight 10 ways you can make an immediate impact!

TU Costa 5 Rivers Odyssey – Update 2

After wrapping up our time in the Deschutes area, the Odyssey crew made one last stop in Oregon on the McKenzie River – a...

Exotic and Rare “Oarfish” Rescued off the Beaches of Baja

I’d always heard stories of weird stuff washing up on the beaches of Baja, and yesterday happened to be one of those days. Only...

Costa Behind the Guides: Arlo Townsend

 Meet Arlo Townsend, one of the longest working guides on the Truckee River and Pyramid Lake. We spent the day with Arlo searching for...

Behind the Brand: Rent This Rod

Rent This Rod Online Fly Rod Rental offers customers to rent fly rods on their website and then they ship them straight to your...

Photographer Spotlight: R. Valentine Atkinson

We had the honor to sit down with legendary photographer Val Atkinson. He has been a flyfishing and travel photographer for over 35 years. From continent to continent, Val has had the chance to catch the unique beauty in landscape and the fish that live there.

Celeb Spotlight: Dylan Efron

The Flylords team was lucky enough to catch up with outdoor enthusiast, Dylan Efron (@dylanefron). He is the younger and “fishier” brother of actor,...

20 Celebs that Fly Fish

The famous and wealthy of the world are more than what meets the eye behind the camera lens. They do in fact have interests,...